A fully diverse millenial team collaborating technologically, two men, one in a wheelchair, and two women, one wearing a headscarf. Diversity of thought and experiences.

True Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion has never been so front and center of every business decision.  From the #MeToo movement to the murder of George Floyd, the whole community is questioning the preconceived notions about, and subconscious bias against, certain races, gender, and sexual orientation.

If you're reading this, and you :

  • haven't made disability a priority of your efforts yet;

  • are just starting out on your disability inclusion journey; or

  • you are ready to jump start another initiative,




Together let's end the subconscious bias against people with disabilities.

A black woman working at a financial desk. She may or may not have a disability.  There is a high chance you or your co-workers have a hidden disability.

Financial Services

Beyond-Impact, a woman and disability owned company, is the only consulting firm specializing in financial inclusion for people with disabilities.  Our team works to improve the lives of people with disabilities (PwD) and those aging in place who are left out of mainstream financial services and products, costing business $millions in lost revenue, employee engagement and community trust.


Our Advisor’s experiences reach across North America, South America, India and Europe, three members of which are people with disabilities.  The global and personal knowledge we bring to the disability inclusion space will give your organization the perfect guide through unintended consequences of former investments to maximizing the CRA qualifying activities for disability financial inclusion. 


The disability community has more disposable income than Black and Latinx populations combined.  However, financial institutions have not taken advantage of universal design, leaving millions of people, and $millions of dollars behind.  This is the last untapped market opportunity!

  • 60% are Low-Moderate Income (LMI)

  • 40.4% of people with disabilities have no access to credit.

  • 28% of people with disabilities are underbanked

  • 18% of people with disabilities are unbanked.

  • 15.2% of the USA is over the age of 65.

By not including people with disabilities, financial institutions are leaving people and profit out of their bottom line.

Together we will create positive future for people with disabilities who will, for the first time, become financially independent.

Human Resources & Diversity & Inclusion

Once overlooked, human resource and diversity and inclusion teams are in high demand.  Shareholders to employees, current and future, want their company to hold and promote inclusive values.

Beyond-Impact, woman and disability owned, is the only consultancy firm with the practical experience to better include people with disabilities in your products, services and teams in a global context.

Founder Tara Cunningham kicked off the autism@work / neurodiversity@work programs at:

  • Bloomberg,

  • Salesforce,

  • Goldman Sachs,

  • TDBank,

  • Deloitte,

  • PwC,

  • P&G,

  • IPG Mediabrands / Kinesso,

  • AT&T,

  • Boeing and

  • MITRE,

  • was a Moderator at the United Nations World Autism Awareness Day 2018 for neurodiversity inclusion and,

  • Keynote at the Academy of Management for neurodiversity inclusion.

Beyond-Impact's Consultancy goes beyond pilot programs, but instead focuses on integrated employment. 


This includes review of and change management for inclusive:

  • human resources policies and procedures,

  • specialized employee benefit plans,

  • talent acquisition strategies,

  • college recruitment efforts,

  • job descriptions,

  • employee onboarding, retention and promotion, 

  • organizational and employee development,

  • leadership development,

  • ​impact measurement,

  • global human rights law,

  • universal product design, and

  • specialized workplace topics.

We are really excited to start or continue

your disability inclusion journey with your organization.

young man with glasses working on a laptop with a blonde woman with long hair.