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APAC Neurodiversity Inclusion Advisor

Shaun is a social entrepreneur who co-founded Inclus, a social business helping people with disabilities reach their fullest potential through gainful employment and independence in the APAC region. He is passionate about creating equal access to opportunities and started his journey in social entrepreneurship in 2012 when he was in university and built an educational mobile app platform for students who needed help with their homework while engaging people with disabilities who were under-employed.

Before founding Inclus in 2018, Shaun co-founded various technological startups and tried to change the world in different ways, most of which failed spectacularly while a few got acquired. His experiences led to his current focus at Inclus where he is building sustainable business models with the help of technology for the social service space and connecting the public and private sectors to not just future-proof people with disabilities, but to also serve the professionals who serve. For his work at Inclus, he was accepted as an associate under the Philip Yeo Innovation Fellows Programme in 2019.

Shaun lives in Singapore with his family and enjoys reading epic fantasy, spiritual, and business books, volunteering at cat shelters, and doing yoga in his spare time.

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