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Beyond-Impact is a woman-owned, disability, and neurodivergent diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility consultancy firm helping companies break down recruitment, onboarding, retention and physical barriers, by reviewing your workplace, processes, policies, services, and products through a neurodiverse lens.

We are an elite Valuable 500 Business Disability Expert, making us one of 77 globally recognized and vetted disability inclusion experts.

Placing a neurodiverse lens over Human Resources (H.R.) and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (D.E.I.A.) policies and practices creates better opportunities and employee experiences for all marginalized communities.


We train H.R., D.E.I.A. teams, and managers to approach their work with a neurodiverse lens to make disability and neurodiversity inclusion part of your business strategy and implementation. 



We are super lucky because we know firsthand how neurodivergent teens who enjoy design, art, and creativity are the best and most talented group of people to work with.

We are all luckier still that there is The TKU Digital Agency.  The TKU Digital Agency is an NYC-based design and creative agency made up of neurodiverse teens and young adults.

You can find out more information about them by visiting their website

Our sincerest thanks to the TKU team, Beth Rosenberg, Halenur Komsul, and Jessye Herrell from the TKU Team.  But our most enormous thanks are reserved for the incredibly talented students who created exactly what we needed. 

Beyond Impact's logo. DEIA A circle of a spectrum of colors cut in 6 pie pieces.
TKU logo for neurodiverse highschool students
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