About Us

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Aha Moment

In 2020, when Founder, Tara Cunningham, placed an autistic college graduate into a major bank with a 6-figure salary, he naturally wanted to rent an apartment nearby. 


"Bob" never had a bank account, nor credit--his parents always took care of his finances.  They refused to let him get an apartment. 


Bob made it through university, he landed an incredible job, yet he still didn't have independent choice.

This wasn't the first time she watched the independence taken away from people with disabilities because of lack of financial inclusion, but it was the last.  

Our Services

Disability Focused Diversity and Inclusion   Financial Market Strategy Inclusive Systems and Culture Change   Disability and Neurodiverse Talent Acquisition   Inclusive Human Resources  Design   Leadership Development   Personal Savings and Financial Training   Impact Investing   Disability-Led Solutions   Accessibility Advisory    United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)    Impact Measurement    Environmental Sustainability Governance (ESG) Inclusive Board Development

Our Brand

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Beyond-Impact is woman-owned and disability-led.

Our brand is emblematic of our mission.  We want to go beyond disability inclusion "silo efforts" and instead bring universal design under the roof of corporations, small medium enterprises and mainstream banks.  The impact of our diversity, equity and inclusion is the double bottom line:  profit and purpose.

Our team works to improve the lives of people with disabilities (PwD) and those aging in place who are left out of mainstream services and products, costing business $millions in lost revenue, employee engagement and community trust.

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