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Beyond-Impact's strategies will amplify your corporate culture through leadership development, skills-based management, and enhanced professional growth, by leveraging disability and neurodivergence inclusion. 


Partner with us to transform your workplace into a skills-based, inclusive environment where every talent thrives, paving the way for a resilient, future-ready organization.


Get to Know Us

In 2019, we began our mission with a heartfelt commitment to disability and neurodiversity DEIA, nurturing corporate environments where everyone can thrive.

Our shared journey with clients has revealed a profound truth:


our work reaches far deeper than the foundational pillars of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Our clients, leaders in the corporate cultural evolution, adopt skill- and strength-based methodologies that fundamentally enhance recruitment, leadership training, and team development processes.


This strategic approach has consistently yielded a 160% surge in revenue, a 260% increase in net income, and a twofold rise in economic profit, alongside marked improvements in employee engagement and a substantial decrease in turnover rates.

We Are Valuable

A white background with black text reads: ‘Working together for disability inclusion’.  Valuable 500

We are proud to announce Beyond-Impact is listed on the Valuable Directory-a unique resource featuring expertise within digital, physical and cognitive accessibility, as well as tools for inclusive recruitment and branding practices.

As one of only 77 successful organisations globally, we are proud to have been selected by an independent expert review panel.

Our appointment shows our ongoing support to ending disability exclusion, and we look forward to working with the Valuable 500 companies to achieve this.


"We've been getting rave reviews about you and the presentation.  I know our team will be much better for having been a part of this training.  Thank you so much!"

"This training should be mandatory for every manager!"

"I loved how Tara was able to complement the data with stories and narratives to bring the data to life."

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