There is a massive and untapped
market for the financial inclusion of people with  disabilities.

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This is Beyond-Impact

Our mission is to empower people with disabilities to gain financial independence, meaningful employment, and the choice to live their best life through financial inclusion. 

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We advise financial institutions, organizations, and government on how to tap into the disability sector.

We are the only consultancy firm specializing in financial disability diversity and inclusion.  Our journey together begins with the C-suite and client-facing teams, ending with strong and enduring community outreach.

We work with our partners to create:

  • inclusive and accessible financial products;

  • CRA Compliance (avoiding unintended consequences);

  • leaders in the sector;

  • targeted diversity and inclusion training;

  • inclusive human resources and workforce strategies;

  • and talent acquisition; while

  • helping you achieve your UN SDGs, ESG and CSR goals.

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Collectively, we have worked with the best and brightest in the Fortune 500, Small Medium Enterprises, Disability Advocacy Groups, Government, Universities, European Commission and the

United Nations.

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