Beyond-Impact works with financial, corporate, governmental and community partners to include people with disabilities and those aging in place, to create and improve upon accessible products, services and businesses.

Together, we improve the lives of people in the communities our partners serve, while increasing the bottom line and maximizing employee engagement and productivity.


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The disability community has more disposable income than Black and Latinx populations combined.

However, financial institutions have not taken advantage of universal design, leaving millions of people, and $millions of dollars behind.

There is a massive and untapped market in Fintech solutions and financial inclusion. 


Tap into the full market.

Universal / 

Accessible Design

Universal design, quite simply, refers to products and services any person can use. 

Stanford published a paper called "The Curb-Cut Effect".  The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) stated curbs need to be "cut" in order for people with disabilities to navigate safely.

Today, every person benefits from the curb cuts, including parents with strollers, delivery people, runners, travelers with suitcases, kids on bikes...the list goes on and on.

Are your products and services working for everyone?

Founding CEO Tara Cunningham led the Autism@Work initiatives as a consultant to Salesforce, Goldman Sachs, TDBank, Deloitte, PwC, P&G, IPG Mediabrands / Kinesso, AT&T, and MITRE.

Talent acquisition for people with disabilities is not as easy as wanting to do so. 


It takes systems and culture change, with astonishing outcomes to your double bottom line. 

Our team can help transform your talent acquisition and human resources to create a truly inclusive workforce.

Find out how.


Social Impact Investment Fund

We are looking for exciting ideas, services, products and businesses solving for the inclusion gap in education, employment, and economic independence for people with disabilities and those aging in place.

We invest in organizations of all stages who are creating an inclusive future for people with disabilities and those aging in place.  We will provide strategic direction and capital to reach your full market potential. 

We want to change the world to make it equitable for all.  Will you join us?

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