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The Beyond-Impact Team is available to speak on neurodiversity and disability inclusion discussions.


High-level topics include:

  • Inclusive HR practices

  • Sourcing neurodiverse and disabled talent

  • Neurodiversity@Work, Autism@Work

  • Disability Inclusion

  • Disclosure

  • Workplace Accommodations

  • Accessibility

  • WCAG 2.1

  • Theory of Change and Impact Measurement

  • Employee financial benefits packages

  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (U.N.S.D.G.s)

  • Environmental, Social, Governance (E.S.G.s)


Tara Cunningham is exclusively represented by the Harry Walker Agency. (links to the Harry Walker Agency website). Please call 646.227.4900 for Keynote or Motivational Speeches.


Explore Talks By Wendy Belzberg & Anne Sweeney & Tara Cunningham

Audiences connect with Wendy, Anne, and Tara personally, leaving their talk inspired and armed with actionable tools to make their workplace inclusive for everyone.

Actionable Insights for Disability and Neurodiversity Inclusion in the Workplace


In this informative and inspiring panel, individuals and organizations will learn how workplaces can shift to a more inclusive culture, the compelling business case for expanding inclusion, and the significant benefits of a neurodynamic workplace culture for all people.

How to Win the War for Talent: Employing Neurodiverse People & People with Disabilities

As competition increases for top talent at organizations and companies of all kinds, individuals and groups can increase not only productivity but also employee satisfaction by recruiting neurodiverse and disabled employees. In this high-impact panel, organizations will tackle how to create a more neurodynamic culture for true inclusion.

Hidden Disabilities, Hidden Opportunities


In this informative and impactful panel, audiences will be inspired and informed about how to recruit and welcome neurodynamic individuals for stronger teams, companies, and workplace cultures.


Wendy Belzberg

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Anne Sweeney

Anne Sweeney

Tara Cunningham

Tara Cunningham
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Wendy, Anne and Tara are exclusively represented by the Harry Walker Agency (links to the Harry Walker Agency website).


Please call 646.227.4900 for Keynote or Motivational Speeches.

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