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The War for Talent is on!

Pro Tip: Disability and neurodiversity inclusion unlocks an enormous untapped talent pool.

Fun Facts:

  • 50,000 autistic high school students graduate every year.

  • 3:100 will be involved in their transition to work meetings.

  • 60% have average to above-average IQs

  • 17.4% attend a 4-year college

  • 20% graduate

Those who graduate have an 80%-85% under- or unemployment rate.

Think about the hidden, untapped talent pool of thousands of college graduates who have had the critical thinking skills business requires today. They have beat all the odds to navigate and succeed in a world not made for them.


Now think about your competitor getting there first.


Opening up an untapped talent pool is more than looking in a different room.

We work with you to analyze your current sourcing, recruitment, job descriptions, onboarding and retention practices, and policies to find potential barriers to keeping out brilliant talent.

We work with your hiring managers to find out what talent and skills they are actually looking for, and give them the tools to help talent acquisition teams to succeed.

Looking at systemic processes through a neurodiverse lens begins the journey to full inclusion and a culture of belonging.

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